Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Walk around the Pond

A well deserved break came today with a walk around Pandapas Pond, Jefferson National Forest just outside Blacksburg, VA. I wanted to see if the wild rhododendron where blooming. They were not, they are in bud but many other things were flowering.

It was a nice late morning stroll, with a small camera in hand that I had not used before I found lots of things to practice taking pictures. As we have seen with so many things this year, there were nice early surprises in bloom. The mountain laurel was popping, it touched my heart and brought back many good memories of living in the woods. They generally bloom the end of May - first of June. Wild azalea were out too, beautiful orange flowers. On the ground a lovely flower with leaves attached, I was not sure but looked it up in my handy National Audubon Society Pocket Guide - it was a Yellow-poplar or Tuliptree.

It was just a little bit of inspiration that I needed. There is something special about walking into nature, sharing that moment in time with others, with the flowers, the bees, the trees, the creek, the clouds and the sky.

Tomorrow the wildlife that can be found in and around the pond.

wild azalea


Tuliptree blossom & leaves

Mountain Laurel

Pandapas Pond

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