Thursday, May 17, 2012

To slither, swim or stay on shore

Continuing with the walk around Pandapas Pond yesterday there was lots of activity on land and in the water. The Pond is stocked with trout, we saw one man with three, each about one foot long. Not everyone was having the same luck that he did. A very large snapping turtle, who will apparently comes up on shore and helps himself to any fish unattended to was just hanging around waiting for an opportunity. Painted turtles were sunning themselves on logs. Along the shore line doing a little fishing himself was a common watersnake. At least that is what I think it was from researching snakes, the second closest was a kingsnake. Neither are harmful to humans.

Lots of birds, bluejay, red tailed hawk flying overhead, Canada geese in the water, a black bird with yellow-orange beak on a log in the water, checked my bird books, most likely a Starling. The beak was just to bright to be a blackbird. These are just a few that were on call plus others too far or too high to identify. Butterflies were checking out all the wildflowers and trees in bloom.

On the far end of the pond is a beavers den. Lots of geese hang out in that area. Did not have the time to wait for beaver but they apparently are there and have no plans to leave. I have tried getting pictures of beavers before, a bit difficult. The dark color of the beaver against the dark water and the dark den makes it a bit challenging to get the shot without using flash. One day I will spend time trying to get some good photos of the beaver. Could make for a fun little drawing.

On the road again tomorrow, will check back in over the weekend until then go outside.

Painted Turtles on log


Snapping Turtle

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