Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Close to done on so many levels

Next week sometime I plan to have the raven piece I started last month done. Trying to set a deadline for myself as I seem to work better with a little pressure. Today the movers are bringing the rest of my studio from VA to AZ. I have enough things in VA for a smaller drawing room. Left lots of art for shows coming up.

Today, tomorrow and the rest of the weekend will be devoted to putting shelves together, unpacking boxes and finding places to store it all. It will be nice to have all my fun toys here, paper making, bookmaking, even one of the small presses to do a little printmaking. Just one more week of craziness and then I will think about other challenges...more on that when I blog next which may be in a day or two. Marilu feel free to jump in on the "challenge"...tag you are it!

Till then I leave you with baby quails from my backyard.

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