Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Challenge

Since Marilu and I are not in the same state we needed to find ways to keep motivated. We both need deadlines and shows to motivate us to work. Even though we need to create art sometimes life gets in the way and our art gets pushed to the back burner of I will get to it tomorrow.

The last time we got together for our long lunch at the Common Market in Frederick, MD we talked about art, families, life, art, kids, art...We have talked about this project in the past and now we are going to do it! What you ask??? Tag Team Art - we will both start a piece of work on an 11X14 surface. Then we will mail the unfinished piece to each other and we will work on that piece. Send it back again to continue working on it till one or both of us feel it is done.

I started my piece this morning.  As many artists do I came up with an idea in the middle of the night. I will do a piece of coffee stained Rives BFK paper. Once it is dry I will take a look at it and see what image it calls out for me to do. I am thinking animals, maybe in the theme of South Africa, Alaska or more specific birds, east vs. west coast birds. So many options so little time.

Our plan is to have these pieces done by October and they will be on exhibit for the Fine Arts in the Valley group show. This show will be held at Country Pleasures Farm. More on that as it gets near.

For now, the challenge has begun - tag - you are it! My goal is to finish the raven piece and to work on this mystery piece this week. I hope to have this tag team art in the mail next week. Your challenge friends, family and fans is to see if you can tell the difference between my drawing and Marilu's.  I love a good challenge!

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