Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Work

I am still fascinated with owls and birds in general. I finished a new piece - a great horned owl. I am planning to do a series of them. Putting the finishing touches on another owl piece and started a large raven piece which is so far not going too well. Working on a large handmade paper and it does not like charcoal. May have to go to the art store and see what new charcoal I can find to play with, always a hardship when I have to spend time finding new toys in the art store.

Still working on slowly sealing the pastels with sprays so that they can be mounted and displayed without glass. The process is working well on the Rives BFK paper, losing very little detail as I spray them. Still struggling with how to mount them and frame them. Have done a few on canvas then painted the exposed canvas. I keep coming back to wanting to add something to the canvas, some papers or texture if I am going to leave them without a frame. Otherwise I think I need to mount them on board and frame as if it were a canvas painting. Details, feels good to be working on new pieces.

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