Sunday, April 22, 2012


I find myself working more and more on birds. Here is another owl, a Northern Saw-Whet. This little guy was at a rescue center in Vermont. He had a damaged wing and will never fly again. He looked very content in his new home although I am sure he "dreams of flying". Which is what I have titled this piece.

The experimenting part of this piece was toning the paper and letting the colors stay pretty much pure. Using charcoal and some pastel to create the details of the face. Working with a kneaded eraser to work loosely on the body. Loose is something some artists do easily. Some of us love those little details that many people may not notice as they see the over all piece of work. But, we know that we spent a half day just working on the feathers around the eyes, or going down one side of the wing. Trying to let go of some of that control.

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