Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This past weekend I did a day trip up to Sedona for the opening reception of the AZ Pastel Juried Spring show. I headed out on a warm, sunny with a few clouds day in Scottsdale. As I increased in elevation things started to change. The sky got cloudier, the temperature dropped fast, rain started coming down, wind started blowing. I continued on going up and over the mountains to get to Sedona. I was close when the rain turned to snow. I gave it a thought - should I turn around just head home before it gets too bad?? But, I was near Cottonwood which is just before Sedona, I kept moving forward. Worst case I find a place to spend the night, even if it is my car. I had an extra blanket in the trunk, munchies and water.

Going into Sedona elevation is 4000 plus. It went from mid 70's to 30's in less then 2 hours. I got to the reception a bit later then I had planned. It was a nice turn out and the show looked great. The gallery is for special shows which change every few weeks. The Sedona Art Center has a separate building where they host local and regional artists along with a school offering classes. It is just off the main road hwy 17 and 89A. The snow had stopped and turned to light rain. Good should be no problems. A little while later I look out the window and the snow is back and blowing sideways. That was my cue, either find some place to stay or head out. I headed out.

As I was driving in and out of Sedona, it was interesting to see the changes in colors. How the wet rain and snow makes those red rocks even more intense. The skies in AZ tend to be very clear and blue but when the clouds roll in they just fill it with color and texture. I am always amazed at Mother Nature, how she rolls with the changes, bending with the wind, filling up the rivers with the rain or run off from the snow on the mountains. She is not always kind. But, these changes keep me coming back time & time again to see what new shades of color, texture or composition she has to offer me.

I head back up to Sedona next week as the artist on duty. This time I plan to stay the night and if the weather gives me the opportunity take some photos of the evening and morning light maybe get a little plein air painting in on my way back to Scottsdale the following day.

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