Friday, April 27, 2012

Arbor Day

I thought it appropriate that we end the week with trees. Earth Day started our week, National Parks Week, takes us through the weekend and today is Arbor Day.

There is something peaceful about trees. They can be tall and powerful or small and delicate as in a miniature Japanese Maple. They give us fruit and nuts. They provide shade on a hot day, something that is treasured in AZ. I have been to Muir Woods and seen the big Redwoods, it is in those moments that you truly understand how small I are in this world.

To see what your state tree is check out:

Here are a few of my favorite trees & leaves.

AZ State Tree Palo Verde

 Oaks, Cottonwoods
Marilu's scratchboard of Acorn & Oak leaves

Fig Tree South Africa
Me under the Fig Tree

Snow on the Beech

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