Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birds & Bees

It's March and each Saturday I go to the Desert Botanical Gardens with a group of artists from the Scottsdale Artists League. March in AZ, a great place to be the wildflowers are blooming, the cactus are starting to bloom the weather is generally wonderful for painting outside. Committing to do this is a way of making sure I get some painting time in, when in the midst of so many things to do it can be easy to let studio time slip away.

This past Saturday I was tucked away in a part of the garden were they often have weddings, special events, musical performances. I was joined by hummingbirds and bees. They were happy to share the space with me, flowers were blooming, it was a warm but not too hot a day.

I can not find my reference book to identify the plant and there was no marker. Will have to research that more later. I worked in pastel did a drawing of the flowers and started putting a hummingbird into the scene. Since the birds do not stay more then a few seconds here and there. I pulled out the camera and just sat there a while waiting for them to come around to me.

I will use these reference photos to put in the details I could not capture while sitting there. Even though I could not finish my painting while at the gardens, it was a wonderful moment in time to relax and enjoy nature.

Honey bee heading into the flower

Hummingbird at rest


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