Friday, October 21, 2011

Along The Blue Ridge Mountains

Just a few miles up and over the Blue Ridge Mountains the leaves have already hit their peak color. The cold front that is now blowing through has taken many of the leaves off the trees. Our timing was pretty good last weekend. My husband Rick, friend Sarah & I took a day trip to Floyd, VA and along a section of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was a bit windy but not too mad. The worst of the wind was in those overlooks that give you panoramic views. We were up near Buffalo Mountain. As we came down and were in-between the trees we were sheltered from the strong winds. Along the Parkway is private land, farms, we saw cows, horses and wild turkeys.
There are sycamore trees, wild rhododendron, pines here & there. Seeing the leaves falling always inspires me. Life has been some what busy with moving to a new location. Still trying to get the studio space to flow. But, the leaves have helped me figure out what I need to do for my up coming mini holiday show. I purchased several shapes & mini sizes of different kinds of canvas/boards. I kept going through pictures trying to think how to make small pictures work for a holiday winter type show. As I think of those leaves, the colors, the movement, I do believe that most of the images will be leaves. Some prints, using monotype & linocuts to create them and maybe some mixed medium painting type pieces. Might have to have a few little birds in there too.

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