Friday, September 2, 2011

A Bird in the Hand

Moving In: We were moving into our new home in Blacksburg, VA the guys were unloading the truck, doors were open and a bird flew in...confused it was trying to find a way back out. The front room has lots of light and it could not fine a way out through the windows.

One of the guys opened the door but it flew passed and tried a different window. Even more confused in landed on a box. I was able to go around to the back of the bird and gentle cover it with both my hands. It did not move, I am sure he was a bit stunned. I walked him over to the door stepped out clear of the house and opened my hands.

He flew away unharmed and happy for his freedom.

I know there is a myth or something that speaks of a bird flying into your home and bringing you luck. That will have to be a little something I do some research on for another days blog, who knows maybe tomorrow. Until then I feel privileged to have had that moment with the bird resting in my hands.

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