Saturday, August 13, 2011

Something New

Last night as I was sitting outside watching the activities of the evening it got very busy. Hummingbirds were all about male & female cardinals flying around, woodpeckers in the woods and a female deer comes flying by in full out leaps across the hill, just beautiful. We heard other noises in the woods as we look up we see something, not a fox too big, not the wolf-dog that lives down the road, too small, not a dog for sure, it was two coyotes! Surprised us, we have heard that they were in the woods but over all the years living here we have never seen them until last night.

The coyote has been moving east and south over the years and population increasing so no surprise that they are here. Just a nice surprise for us to be able to see one or two. Of course they were too busy and too fast for me to get my camera. Nice way to end the evening.

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