Monday, August 1, 2011

A Day To Myself

Still in AZ the weather reports called for rain on Sunday and around 108 degrees. Did not see the rain till close to midnight but good day to find something to do inside. Made watermelon gazpacho, sounded like something nice and cool to have over the next couple of days.  I do not want to turn the oven on but I find when I can not get to my studio I usually like to bake. Baking is not an option today, at least I can do something creative in the kitchen.

Once that was done I settled down with a small piece of paper that I had toned maybe a year ago. I knew what I wanted to go on it just had not gotten to it yet. Hummingbirds, a Mom & her baby, newly fledged but still dependent on Mom. I was luckly to be in Tucson at the Sonoran Living Desert Museum and saw 3 hummingbirds with various stages of babies, one on her eggs, one with brand new babies and the one I did a pastel from, just learning to fly.

The piece is done with soft pastels, toning white BFK paper, using my kneaded eraser to put out the light areas and then going back into it with pastel sticks & pencils. It is 4X6, need to do a couple more this size for a mini show coming up at Fells Point this fall. It was a nice day to myself, a gift.

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