Saturday, June 25, 2011

Silver Linings

Lots of changes are going on this year. I keep looking for the silver lining. Currently back in AZ with a week of 109 degrees. Thought the hummingbirds had gone away because it was just too hot for them. But, saw them back this morning enjoying the cactus fruit along with many of the other birds. Might try to put the feeder back out. The sugar water had spilled onto the glass table top and baked to a hard lollipop state. Took a bit of soaking to get that off.
The morning is nice, I can still sit outside with my coffee and watch as the sun plays along the edges of the cactus, the eucalyptus tree and near by buildings. The shadows always intrigue me, patterns of leaves against the light bark.
The saguaro cactus has been interesting seeing the last white flowers, the fruit literally bursts open and the birds just love it. After the birds have finished the fruits drop to the ground. The saguaro flower opens at night and can remain open throughout the day. The lesser long nosed bat comes in the evening to feed off it's nectar, the birds and bees take over during the day. But, the fruit, lush and red seems to be their silver lining, their dessert. It has given me reasons to be up and out early in the morning. Since it gets to so very hot by mid day, everyone is out walking, running, riding, or writing on their computer at 5:00 a.m.
As with everything in life we learn to adapt to life changes, locations, climates, or situations.
Saguaro Cactus Flower, blooms in June

Cactus fruit for breakfast

How do you keep your tail feathers from getting stuck - very carefully

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