Monday, June 6, 2011

Box Turtle/Tortoise is back

We have a family of Box Turtles that come up each year. We are thrilled to see them checking out the location in our backyard to which they will again lay their eggs. The babies hatch late summer, we have seen these tiny little guys come out from under our ferns or tall grasses. They are about an inch in size, we feel very lucky to see the babies most years.

The Box Turtle or Eastern Box Turtle is common along the whole east coast, the other half of the country has the Western Box Turtle. But, the proper term is not turtle for these guys they should be called Box Tortoise according to the scientific information, tortoises have webbed feet or claws, live entirely above water and  don't migrate. They go to water to bath or drink. Where a tutle has flippers and lives in the sea, fresh water or marshes. The terrapin is semi-aquatic, the Diamondback Terrapin is the state reptile of MD. The box turtle/terrapin are close relatives.

That's it for knowledge of turtle vs. tortoise. I just get great joy each year in seeing our Box Turtles return.

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