Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pink Snow

Driving around after the wind and rain it looks like pink snow under the trees. The cherry blossoms are spread out under the trees like a blanket. The dogwoods are blooming, white, soft pink and bright pink. The leaves are coming in bigger each day filling in the spaces in-between the trees in the woods. My pink rhododendron are blooming again, they are different from others I have in the yard as they will bloom all year long. If there is a warm tread during the winter they will bloom. They must like where they live.

I took a walk down my road with my neighbor to see lady slippers starting to bloom. I may take a walk again to take a few more photos, they were lovely. These are the moments that nature touches me, the soft pinks, the lovely curve of the lady slipper, spring green of the leaves and just never knowing when it is going to rain.

I think I might try to do a drawing of the lady slipper...maybe just take my drawing stool, paper and pastels and head down there this afternoon when the light changes. If it doesn't rain...

lady slipper


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