Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Long Way Home

I needed to take a ride out to Main Street, Burkittsville to check on the location of the South Mountain Hertiage Society. I will be teaching a plein air workshop June 4th & 5th and wanted to see different places that would make nice paintings. There are many, the building itself is an old church that was used as a hospital in 1862. To the back of the church is a graveyard, over the hill farm land and fields, barns, buildings, rolling mountains, sycamore trees and lots of charm.

I drove down from the church, there is a apple orchard. In the opposite direction is Gathland State Park, Appalachian Trail, old structures, buildings, picnic areas, gardens, flowers (lady slippers were spotted) and of course lots of trees.

My plan is to paint on that Sunday Morning at the church, go the park for lunch and paint there in the afternoon. I sat at the park long enough to do a small watercolor painting. What a great afternoon. I continued exploring and came on another Main Street, drove through there came out on a major road and started heading back towards Middletown, where I ended up on another Main Street. As I was heading back home I decided to turn up Gambrill Park Road, up and over the mountain, finally finding Humburg Road, which is small, with lots of twists and turns. I pulled off on the side to sit by a flowing creek. The sound was very relaxing and the prefect way to end my day.

Burkittsville, MD

Gathland State Park

Humburg Road, Frederick, MD

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