Friday, May 27, 2011

Hummingbirds and Mountain Laurel

The Mountain Laurel are in full bloom. They were a bit late blooming this spring, wetter and cooler then the last few years. The hummingbirds love to sit in the Mountain Laurel. It is their little hiding place. They come to the feeder, then go sit on the branch in a small open area of the Mountain Laurel. Then if another hummingbird happens by they have an advantage and can zoom out of their cover to run them off. They are amazing little warriors.

This all happens so fast it is near impossible to get a good photo. But, I will keep trying until then I will take pictures of the Mountain Laurel which in itself is beautiful. There is one section that is much pinker then the others. The root system of wild laurel is interconnected making them very difficult to transplant. Why this one cluster is so pink compared to the others I do not know. But, they are just lovely. My favorite time of the day is morning as the sun is creeping through the trees. I sit with my coffee, my cats, the hummingbirds and watch the sun sparkle on the leaves and bark. No better way to start my day.
white wild mountain laurel

hummingbird scratchboard by Marilu

pinker mountain laurel

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