Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cheaper By The Dozen...

I love the evening light as it disappears behind the mountains. The trees glow from back lighting, the air cools down and the animals start to come out for their evening meal. As I sat outside listening to the sounds of the woods, trees frogs and other critters making their noises I start seeing the white tails of the deer bouncing around. I see 5 - 2 adults - 1 yearling - 2 babes that have barley lost their spots. They must have been born this winter. Another 2 follow not far behind and up the hill I see 5 more. They are starting to find a spot to settle down for the evening. I often see the deer sleeping just up the hill from my house. They know the areas that are safe and apparently my back yard is one of them.

Over the years I am learning to garden according to what deer do not care for which can vary from herd to herd. My deer often eat deer proof plants. We try to live together and respect each others space. They stand and look at me wondering am I friend or foe. The bucks will stomp as though I am going to run away. When they discover this is my territory they turn and move on sometimes with a snort or two.

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