Friday, April 15, 2011

Blue and Yellow

The long awaited Spring is here!!  After the last couple weeks of crazy weather - chilly rain, wind, one night of snow showers and one 83 degree day - today is beautiful...68 degrees, sunshine, calm breeze...yes, it's finally a proper Spring day. 
For several months our woods have been shades of brown and gray.  Now there are patches of yellow, white and pink as some of the native trees and bushes begin to bloom.  And along with that - here it comes - the thorn in my artistic side - GREEN.  Don't misunderstand, I'm trying to embrace green.  I recycle and my car is not only green in color, it's a hybrid.  But whether it be tube or pencil, in my work a convincing green more often than not eludes me.  Mixing the 'just right' green is a learned skill.  To those of us who are not colorists, it doesn't come easy.  It's either garrish or dull, or the whole thing turns to 'mud'.  Maybe that's why I do so much in Scratchboard - black and white - hard to go wrong there. 
But I recently bought a dozen tubes of watercolor, three of them various shades of green, and I'm determined to get out there and paint.  And I'm going to do it soon....before there is too much green.

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