Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cheaper By The Dozen...

I love the evening light as it disappears behind the mountains. The trees glow from back lighting, the air cools down and the animals start to come out for their evening meal. As I sat outside listening to the sounds of the woods, trees frogs and other critters making their noises I start seeing the white tails of the deer bouncing around. I see 5 - 2 adults - 1 yearling - 2 babes that have barley lost their spots. They must have been born this winter. Another 2 follow not far behind and up the hill I see 5 more. They are starting to find a spot to settle down for the evening. I often see the deer sleeping just up the hill from my house. They know the areas that are safe and apparently my back yard is one of them.

Over the years I am learning to garden according to what deer do not care for which can vary from herd to herd. My deer often eat deer proof plants. We try to live together and respect each others space. They stand and look at me wondering am I friend or foe. The bucks will stomp as though I am going to run away. When they discover this is my territory they turn and move on sometimes with a snort or two.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Blue and Yellow

The long awaited Spring is here!!  After the last couple weeks of crazy weather - chilly rain, wind, one night of snow showers and one 83 degree day - today is beautiful...68 degrees, sunshine, calm breeze...yes, it's finally a proper Spring day. 
For several months our woods have been shades of brown and gray.  Now there are patches of yellow, white and pink as some of the native trees and bushes begin to bloom.  And along with that - here it comes - the thorn in my artistic side - GREEN.  Don't misunderstand, I'm trying to embrace green.  I recycle and my car is not only green in color, it's a hybrid.  But whether it be tube or pencil, in my work a convincing green more often than not eludes me.  Mixing the 'just right' green is a learned skill.  To those of us who are not colorists, it doesn't come easy.  It's either garrish or dull, or the whole thing turns to 'mud'.  Maybe that's why I do so much in Scratchboard - black and white - hard to go wrong there. 
But I recently bought a dozen tubes of watercolor, three of them various shades of green, and I'm determined to get out there and paint.  And I'm going to do it soon....before there is too much green.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Changes are coming

"Its these changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes
Nothing remains quite the same
With all of our running and all of our cunning
If we couldn't laught we would all go insane."
Jimmy Buffett

  Spring a time for change and lots of changes there are: Crossing the country a lot this year, VA - MD - AZ trying to keep the art going is a bit of a challenge. Art shows are filling up the spaces in between doing the art and travel.

Coming up April 16th is the opening reception for the AZ Pastel Society Juried Show at the Art Center in Sedona, Art Barn Road near Hwy 89A. Plan to be at the gallery on April 19th too doing a demonstration of soft pastel on paper. The show runs through April 28th 10:00 - 5:00.  Check the web site for more details. http://www.lindaharrisonparsons.com/

Once this show is over we hit the ground running to get things ready for the last Mountain Laurel Art Show in Frederick, MD. May 20-21-22 we will have returning artists: Marilu Tousignaut and her daughters Denise & Tracy, Homer Yost, Sarah Simpson and new this year Cindi Olson with her glass jewelry. Hosting this event Wild at heART Artist: linda harrison-parsons. It is a fun show, the mountain laurel will be blooming in the woodlands of Frederick. The artwork is set up throughout this post and beam studio, gallery space. Featuring sculpture, photography, scratchboard, works on paper, fiber arts and jewelry.

After this show Marilu & I will hang a show at the Kentlands Mansion Gallery, Gaithersburg, MD opening June 7th from 7:00 - 8:30 This show runs through July 31st.

If you are looking to do some plein air painting June 4 & 5th The Frederick Historic Society is offering a workshop. With rain dates on the 11 & 12th. All the details are on the web site and we will post their web site on the blog.

Common Ground on The Hill, a 2 week event with music, visual arts, lectures, more music, art exhibits, art workshops and more music. You can come for the 2 weeks, 1 week, stay there, travel in each day, take one or many workshops and you can get academic credit too. July 3 - July 15th.

Lots going on, lots of events, lots of changes keep checking back and checking the web site as more shows and workshops will be posted.

Now go take a walk and breathe in some spring air.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


"Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you." Richard Brinsley Sheridan

I believe this is a Queen

Luna Moth

    The end of the show on Sunday I had a few minutes before the Butterfly House would close. I do not need another photograph of a butterfly but I will forever keep taking them. There is something very relaxing about being around butterflies. They will land on you in hopes you are a flower. They bring a calm to the end of a very busy weekend.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ready, Set, Go

"There was a child went forth every day,
And the first object he look'd upon, that object he became,
And that object became part of him for the day, or a certain part of the day,
Or for many years or stretching cycles of years.

The early lilacs became part of this child,
And grass and white and red morning-glories, and white and red clover, and
the song of the phoebe-bird,
And the Third-month lambs and the sow's pink-faint litter, and the mare's
foal and the cow's calf,
And the noisy brood of the barnyard or by the mire of the pond-side,
And the fish suspending themselves so curiously below there, and the
beautiful curious liquid,
And the water-plants with their graceful flat heads, all became part of him." - Walt Whitman

  "The kernel of creativity, is there in the infant: the desire and drive to explore, to find out about things, to try things out, to experiment with different ways of handling things and looking at things."...Dr. Teresa Amabile quoted from the book: "The Creative Spirit" see the book listings below for author & publishing information.

I have started re-reading "The Creative Spirit" and it is helping to make me push myself and my art. Yesterday, I did my first "Quick Draw" I kept referring to it as a "Quick Fire". You must set up, paint/draw and frame your work in about one hour. You have the hour to do the actual drawing or painting. It was fun and intense at the same time. I did this to try something new, my goal is to do something new at least once a year, something out of my comfort zone. I do not work fast, in signing up to do the "Quick Draw" I had to focus and not stress over details but just look at the overall composition, the flow, the color and in the last 15 minutes allow myself to do a little of the detail work. It was a challenge and it was fun. Part of working plein air is being able to talk with people and continue to work, the same but even more so with the "Quick Draw".

The event took place at the Botanical Gardens during the Succulent Show & Sale. Artists were allow to select a succulent plant  from the exhibit, set up while the show was going on and work within that hour. I found a beautiful aloe plant called: Aloe-Dorothea. It had beautiful colors, orange-red, yellow-green and dark blue-greens. The shape was elegant star type pattern. As I was working the owner of the plant came up behind me and immediately wanted the piece. I told her what the event was about and at the end showed her the pastel painting finished and framed. She purchased the piece and allowed it to stay for the rest of the show. There is another "Quick Draw" today and all of the works will be on display. It was good to push myself to try and get into that moment when you are doing something with passion and joy. It was a good day.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Time and time again

"If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." Thomas A. Edison

   Spring goes right into summer in AZ. Yesterday hit the first 100 degree day! I got to experience it first hand at the opening of the plein air exhibit for the Scottsdale Artists League show at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, AZ. It was a long hot day and a beautiful show is up for the weekend. Along with our show is a show & sale of succulent plants at the Gardens. Today will be a "Quick Draw" where the artists will go draw one of these plants in 1 hour. I signed myself up for this event as I tend not to work fast and since this has been the year to try and push myself to do more things I am going for it. We shall see what comes from this adventure.

One of the pieces I have hanging in the plein air show is the cottonwood tree. I started this piece back in 2009, all of the work on it has been done on site. I would take the piece back to the "people & places trail" at the DBG and work on it for a few hours here and there. I framed it at one point and it was not right. I took it apart and continued to work on it on location. When is a piece done? Sometimes we never know or maybe it is done when it is sold. I still think I may need to work on one corner a little more but for now it is framed and in the show. If it sells I guess it is done, if not, I do believe I will take it back one more time to finish up a few extra cottonwood leaves in the background. Sometimes we are meant to return to a place or a painting time and time again. It may be the same piece or just doing several pieces as a series.
Sounds of the Cottonnwood

A little shade goes a long way.

Scottsdale Artists League Plein Air Show at the Desert Botanical Gardens

What's That Sound???

You know you are in Wyoming when you wake to the sound of horses. With limited wi-fi service it has been a lot harder to get blogs written a...