Monday, March 14, 2011

Tonto National Forest

" The words "peace" and "tranquillity" are worth a thousand pieces of gold. " Chinese Proverb 

 Some places are worth going back to over and over again. This past weekend I went back to the Tonto National Forest. The Lower Salt River, Salt River and lakes connect along this mountainous range. There is something about this area that I found meditative. In the early morning you can see bald eagles that nest along the river. Turkey vultures live in this same area. Red Shoulder Hawks, Harris Hawks,  sit in the tops of trees along with hummingbirds an interesting contrast. You can easily hike down to the river but the view from the ridge is just as beautiful.

I did two small pastels  of the rock formations. I struggle with large expansive landscapes. I have found that I can focus in on rock forms treating them in a abstract style. Toning the paper with warm and cool colors, working in a line drawing, blocking in the shadows before they change and then adding some details. It is a departure of the work I do drawing animals defining each feather or stroke of fur.

Working en plein air is my way of finding peace and tranquillity.

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