Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seeing with fresh eyes...

"Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned." Mark Twain

This week I have been reminded of things I have learned and have tucked back in memory. It is a good thing for a teacher, artist to take a workshop and once again become the student. I gained much from this week of plein air painting with the group from the AZ Pastel Artists Association. I am working with color in a better relationship, thinking of cool and warm combinations. Dealing with how I do landscapes, viewing them closer then most people think of landscape or plein air painting. Seeing the details but also letting them go, playing with the quality of line work allowing the line to sometimes just go where it may. Playing with using under painting. Richard Mckinley demonstrated the use of watercolor in under painting for pastels. But talked of using oil paints, using water, alcohol to spray into the paint for effects. I choose to use pastels as my under painting, pushing the idea of blending warm and cool colors together and compliments of what would be the finished work.

Thursday we spent the day painting at the Tonto National Forest, wonderful day. Finished up the workshop Friday. Saturday started the month long plein air event at the Desert Botanical Gardens. Each Saturday in March the artists from the Scottsdale Artists League work in the gardens from 9 am till around 4 pm. Will post more on this tomorrow.

Spring in AZ great place to work! Here are a couple of Richard McKinley's under paintings and finished works in pastel.

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