Monday, March 21, 2011

Rainy Days

It is not April yet but the showers are here early or late. Usually there is more rain in Jan. & Feb. in AZ which brings the wildflowers. This year not as much rain and not as many wildflowers but lots of things still bloom at this time of year. Fruit trees have new flowers on them. Saw a grapefruit tree yesterday and they are so sweet the air is filled with the smell from the small white flower.

Another plant that bloomed earlier then I remember from last year is the Texas Mountain Laurel. It has a large cluster of purple flowers. Not at all like the wild mountain laurel that grows on the east coast.

wild mountain laurel with hummingbird pastel by linda hp

Texas Mountain Laurel

Now to the rainy day. Did not feel like going out in the rain so it became my PR day. The business end of art. Posting listings on as many sites as I can find for the shows that are coming up later this spring. Finding that so many things link together it makes it interesting trying to remember what you put where and how they all connect together. I have always believed that everything is connect and we need to take care of the earth for her to take care of us. Technology seems to be reinforcing that concept. Let us know if one of our connects brought you to the Mountain Laurel Art Show this year. It will be held May 20, 21, & 22nd. Check the link below this post to find out more about this show.

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