Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Notan - this word has come up a lot this week. In the pastel workshop I am taking and last night a different artist talked about Notan in his painting. This is a Japanese word that translated means "Visual Poetry". In more artistic discussion it talks about the relationships of light to dark. Using the light to make something dark and vise versa. Notan is not about accuracy, it is looking at the whole picture and what I try to do is look with innocence. Look at what it is you are drawing or painting don't allow your head to do the drawing. Let your eyes and  your hand do the work. Draw what is there but also make it your own. You have the choice to leave things out. Look at the space around the object in front of you.

Day 3 of workshop today heading to Lost Dog Trail. I have hiked there before, we will be in the field all day. More on Tricks & Techniques tomorrow or tonight! I will leave you with a bit of visual poetry.

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