Sunday, March 13, 2011


"Have patience. Everything is difficult before it is easy." Saadi

 Some days are easier then others. Some days my hand will create works that I look back at and wonder how did I do that? Even in the same day things can go from looking good to what happened? That was my Saturday. I was plein air painting at the Desert Botanical Gardens. Started with a pastel of a Century Agave which looks pretty good. The light had changed, I decided to take a break and start something new. Tried a little pencil sketch on coffee stained paper. For some reasons I could not get into the flow. It was a small grouping of cactus usually I draw too light but for some reason it just looked too dark to me. Working out in the bright sun you will work with more intense colors and push the shadows. When you come inside you realize that it is too bright, intense or dark. My problem was the opposite, I switched to a "H" pencil and still could not get the gradation I wanted. Once this happens it is best to put it down, leave it along and come back to it another day. Packed up my equipment and headed over to the Butterfly House. A nice peaceful way to end the day.

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