Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Respect: a little thing that can do so much. Respect of nature, keeping our national parks safe and around for many years so others may continue to enjoy them. I just re-read a couple of articles in National Parks Magazine and wanted to pass on some of the links that they offered.

There are app's for everything. National Parks Conservations Association (NPCA) partnered with http://www.enature.com/ to create an app called "National Parks Field Guides" which can be used for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with others to come. This app will give you information when you are in national parks on the plants, birdsongs, or animals that are in that park.

For those of us with less techno info you can also check out www.nwf.org/birds or just check http://www.nwf.org/ for general wildlife information.

There is also a site www.beoutthere.org/MONA that has a bill to help connect children with the natural world, getting back outside.

Theodore Roosevelt, established 5 national parks. He is part of The Conservation Hall of Fame in VA. Check http://www.nwf.org/ for more information on programs and naturalists that have inspired parks and preserves.
Marilu drawing the bears at Brooks River Falls, Katmai, Alaska

Linda at Cathedral National Park, Sedona, AZ by large Cottonwood

Acadia National Park

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