Thursday, March 24, 2011


"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain - Maya Angelou

  The word "change" has been coming up a lot this week. I tend to pay attention when I see the same word, number or symbol appear over and over again. Yesterday, I was at the AZ Arts Alliance Gallery and at the sale counter there is a small book that was for gallery use. It is called, "Who Move My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson, M.D.

It is in 3 sections a introduction, a story and discussion. I am at the story part, a story of mice in a maze finding their cheese. It is about change and how we deal with change. There is always change in our life, some we see as good, some we see as bad but we can not stop change and the biggest challenge is learning to deal with it and make it work for you.

Now what does this have to do with art? Have you ever had a piece you are working on and it just is not going the direction you thought it would go? What do you do with it? At times I have put works away sometimes for up to a year. Pull them back out and with fresh eyes see that maybe it was not as bad as I had thought and just finish the piece in a short time. Or keep pushing the piece to see where it will go. If all else fails I can shred the piece up and re-pulp it into another piece of paper. If you work on canvas cotton or linen you could maybe make paper out of it too. I have made paper from blue jeans, all cotton so you never know where that change may take you.

I recently pushed through a piece I started at the Botanical Gardens. I was using watercolor paper that was coffee stained. Thought this could make a nice graphite drawing. I used HB pencil to start too dark, so went to H still too dark. Why wasn't this working??? Took it home took the eraser to it and lighted it up. Still could not make it work, pulled out the pastels and just worked the whole thing over in color. It needed color. The coffee stain part is not really visible except for some odd shading areas but at least it has pulled it together.

Change, I had to let go of one idea and move on to another. Just like in life, sometimes I need to remember to let go of something and focus on what is new and in front of me. Work on the new possibilities that are being presented to me and opening that door. Now to take all my courage and go out that door to see what new adventures are waiting for me and my art.

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