Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Art in the Garden

"I walk the world in wonder." Oscar Wilde

  Working on the finishing touches of the pieces from this months plein air event. Framed most of them, might get the last one done but depends on if I get back to the Botanical Gardens before Friday. I started a small mountain scene with the moon still up and the cactus and palo verde coming down the side. Still struggle with the landscape feel of the piece. My focus becomes more on the rocks. We shall see where this one goes.

The show at the Desert Botanical Gardens will be hung this Friday and will be on view through Sunday evening. It is going to be a hot weekend, breaking into the high 90's. The question most people have this time of year is when will they see the first of the 100 degree days? And then it is usually followed by but it's a dry heat.

I would like to paint more at the gardens but would need to be there early morning before the heat comes in for the day. Being in the desert it cools down at night and slowly builds so that the hottest part of the day is around 4:00 pm. The mountain scene is very little shade. Most of the pieces I did this past month I was able to find little spots in the shade. I did a series of agave studies. The agave best known for the production of tequila can vary in color and size. I still need to research the different names of each of these species. I know one is the Century Agave. They have wonderful turns but they have spikes along each section. In most of the plants in the S/W those spikes are a leaf that has adapted over time to the heat conditions. I am not sure if that is true of the agave or not. The large sections that I would call leaves are thick and hard, there is no give to them. They flow as if they are soft but they have a weight and solidness to them.

I enjoy working in a series, it gives me time to see things I might have missed on the first work. I become more award of the colors and patterns in the piece. I sometimes just come back to the same place over and over again. More on that tomorrow...
Agave 3 of 3 studies

Agave 1 of 3 studies
Century Agave 2 of 3 studies

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