Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Walk in the Park

Each year it is always good to find new things to push yourself. This year we are adding a blog about nature and art. Marilu & I are not only friends but we share a passion for art. Our art is that which is influenced by what we see in nature.

I will be posting what I see and what I create from AZ and Marilu will keep up the east coast. We want to record what is going on in nature, trying to be correct with names of animals, plants, and trees as best we know. There will be many times we can not find reference information on something. If anyone knows what we have seen or found and can guide us to that information it will always be welcome.

This leads me to my walk in the park. There is a community park with many different trees, some I have been able to identify, the most common Palo verde, Palo brea, Mesquite, Ironwood, Pines, Acacia, but I can not find the name to this one tree with very large seed pods. I do not think it is native to the area. As it is not listed in any of the books I have gone through. I will start a side post with books that might be of interest and will document where some of the information comes from for these postings current and future.
Here is a picture of the pods:
This was just one of the things I found on the ground during my walks. My reward for getting out and walking the last week was interesting pods, a birds nest and a black and white feather. The nest was on the ground and looked as through it had not been used in some time. It is fairly large, 6 - 7 inches across, very loose construction. I do not think the feather came from the bird that occupied the nest, just a bonus.  The warmer weather brings lots of birds to the S/W. Hummingbirds are many, cardinals, grosbeaks, warblers and more. I saw a Yellow-rumped Warbler a few weeks ago, got some nice detailed pictures of him. Not sure when he will work his way into a drawing. Birds have been a strong theme for both Marilu & I this past year. And it looks as though this might continue. Just finished a pastel of a road runner. I think it is time to go take another walk in the park. The weather here has been a bit warmer then the average in the low to mid 70's for the past week.

As we move forward with this new adventure. There will be different photos, posts from both Marilu & I updating you on what is outside our windows. What we see on our hikes in nature. What we find when we travel near or far. Enjoy, go take a walk.

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