Thursday, January 20, 2011


"Have patience. Everything is difficult before it is easy." - Saadi

Creating wildlife art work has it's own challenges. I took photographs for several years before I got one that I liked to create a pastel of a Gambel's Quail. The same was true of learning how to create a slide show to include with our new blog. Both are done, the pastel of the quail is include in works on our slide show.

The Gambel's Quail is seen running along the ground, under brush. They have a black top-knot that falls forward. The males have black face and throat. I have not seen a nest with eggs but have read they usually have 10 - 12. Which are light buff colored.

As the season gets warmer, it is easier to spot the birds running around. Once you have discovered an area they live in, sit, wait with camera or sketch book at ready and sooner or later they will come running. But, not for long.

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