Tuesday, January 18, 2011

News from the Mid-Atlantic

January...that just about says it.  Snow and sleet fell overnight.  Much as I like to walk in the woods - to see what might be scampering around, it didn't happen today.  From my window I watched a doe make her way up the hill.  It was a staggered gait as she pushed her hooves through the ice with each step.  The majority of my nature watching today was to see the birds at the feeders.  I filled them all yesterday in anticipation of the storm, and, so the Wren wouldn't sit on the fence post and yell at me as it does when they are empty. 

My art work these days consists of sketches of ideas for future works.  I have a huge library of reference photos taken on various trips just for these winter days when it's hard to get out and draw or paint 'plein aire'.  I'll keep working on them and let you know how it goes.               Marilu

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